Sanna Annukka.


Sanna Annukka is a finish designer who is the artist behind the artwork of the new Keane album Under the Iron Sea as well as the new single.

She was born inBrighton,East Sussex, on the 9 th August 1983. Her mother is Finnish and my father, English, so she’s half and half. Her whole childhood was split between being in Paltaniemi (where her Mother is from) andBrighton. She quotes ‘my childhood days, spent inFinland, hold my fondest memories and is a major influence on my work’. She has a love for nature and folklore. Many a childhood summer was spent inFinland. Family trips beyond theArctic Circle, camping in the night lessLaplandwilderness, hold some of her most treasured memories. ‘The forests, lakes and wildlife of the region remain a constant inspiration’. Her personal work infuses nature, childhood memories and my love of storytelling and folklore.

She has now lived inBrightonfor 10 years, and pursued all her art studies there and graduated from theUniversityofBrighton. She is an illustrator and makes prints with a BA Hons in Illustration in July 2005. After graduating, she started selling limited edition silk screen prints of her own artwork at a Scandinavian design shop in Islington,London. One lucky print sale to a friend of the British band Keane led her to creating the artwork for Keane’s second album “Under the Iron Sea”. She currently works from home.

In 2006 her work was spotted by British band Keane which led to collaboration on their second million selling album ‘Under the Iron Sea.

She is currently expanding her product range from limited edition prints on paper to printed textiles, wooden products and jewellery. She’s also working on her first children’s picture book.

In 2008 Sanna Annukka created for Marimekko a series of expressive designs full of meaning, telling stories from the Finnish national epic, the Kalevala. The Kanteleen kutsu fabric depicts forest animals that have, enchanted, gathered to hear the joyful tunes played on the kantele, a plucked string instrument, by Väinämöinen, the main character of the Kalevala. Väinämöinen had made his instrument from the jawbone of a giant pike. The Sampo, a wealth grinding magic mill, is featured in the impressive Taikamylly fabric. The Ihmemaa art print shows the landscape of Kaleva, theLandofHeroes, andLakeAlue, in whose depths a whitefish has swallowed fire fallen from the heavens. With her fabrics inspired by the Kalevala, Sanna Annukka wishes to give the opportunity for everyone to have a hint of Finnish folklore in their homes.

Here is some of her work, album covers and merchandise;

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Here are some links to pages of her work;


One comment on “Sanna Annukka.

  1. mskeeley says:

    Informative concise research with good links to other sites – Well done Megan. You could follow up leads? For example Sanna Annukka says she is inspired by the animator and illustrator Lotte Reiniger and I also see a similarity to the work of Rob Ryan ( an innovative very now contemporary artist that works with paper stencils and print) …follow such leads and find out a bit more about them to show you are making broader connections.

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